Every business owner will ask themselves these questions at some point:

Do I need a website?
Yes, you do NEED a website.
Will a website help your business?
Yes, how could it not.
What does your website say about you?
A website is no longer just a place to get quick information, it has evolved in to your first contact with your customer.

Most consumers will see your website long before they will ever visit your establishment. Your website needs to be your first impression. It needs to say, "Hello, I am the best at what I do, let me do it for you!"

As a business owner, you know that to be successful you need to be passionate. Let me be passionate about crafting you a beautiful, clean, and intuitive website to give your customers the first impression that reflects the passion you have for your craft.

Look around on the web and see that the keys to all great websites are:

Simple Design Don't overwhelm your user.

Intuitive Design Don't let them get lost.

Easy to Understand Provide information they need.

I offer an entire design/maintain/host model when I provide web services. It allows me to provide you with the best experience possible and removes any headaches that could take you away from your passion.

In most cases, a simple website is going to be around $500 per year. That's just under 42$ a month! You are probably paying twice that for your phone service. Prices will change based on expected maintenance that will be required in a year.

If the design/maintain/host model is not something you are interested in, we can negotiate a fair price for any of those services a la carte.

What is provided in the full package:

Web Design A beautiful website built from the ground up to meet your exact needs.
Website Maintenance Any changes you require to the content of your website are covered.
Hosting Your website will be up, and it if isn't, I will handle all the needed work to get it back up.
Peace of Mind Know that potential customers are getting the best first impression of your business.

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